ElegantJ BI
ElegantJ BI Document Information and Copyrights
About this document
Intended audience
Scope and organisation of topic areas
Conventions used
ElegantJ BI business intelligence suite
High-level architecture
Responsive user interface
ElegantJ BI modules
Supported Features for Different Cubes
Getting started with ElegantJ BI Administration
Logging in to ElegantJ BI
Components of the ElegantJ BI interface
Application Configuration Settings
Environment Information
License Information
Java Virtual Machine
General Configuration
Managed Memory Configuration
Managed Memory Information
Managed Memory Settings
Email Settings
Email Templates
Cube Update Process Notification Email
Scheduler Notification Email
Publishing Agent Email for Recipients
Reset password email
Test email
Welcome email
Page Setup Template
Upload images
Upload Login page Banner
Time dimension value mappings (default)
Data Source
Database Profiles
Database Profile list
Create New Database Profile
Edit Database Profile
Delete Database Profile
CSV Profiles
CSV Profile List
Create New CSV Profile
Edit CSV Profile
Delete CSV Profile
MDX Profiles
MDX Profile list
Create New MDX Profile
Create New MDX SSAS Profile
Create New MDX SAP BW Profile
Edit MDX Profile
Edit MDX SSAS profile
Edit MDX SAP BW profile
Delete MDX Profile
Cube Management
Cube Repository
Edit Cube Profile
Cube Update—Incremental
Cube created using CSV profile
Cube created using Database Profile
Cube update—from scratch
Cube created using CSV profile
Cube created using database profile
Delete Cube Profile
Permissions for Cube
Cube Information
Cube Columns
Rebuild Cube
Cube created using Database Profile
Cube created using CSV Profile
Import Cube Profile
Export Cube Profile
Create Cube
Using Database profile
Cache cube using Graphical query generation
Cache cube using Paste-generated query
Real-Time cube using graphical query generation
Real-Time cube using Paste-generated query
Using CSV profile
Using MDX profile
Configure Dimension Map
Global Variables
Data display value mapping
Configure Custom Cube Dimensions and Measures
Column Access Permissions
Column Data Access Permissions
Deleted cube profiles
Create Linked Cube
Create a Linked Cube using Graphical User Interface
Using JOIN
Rebuild Cube (with/without Incremental Update)
Rebuild Cube Using Graphical User Interface
Using Database Profile
Using CSV profile
Working with Repository
Repository List
Add a New Folder
Edit a folder
Permissions to Access a Folder
Delete a Folder
Import Objects to a Folder
Export Objects from a Folder
Edit Object Details
Permissions to Access an Object
Delete an Object
Copy an Object
Move an Object
Export an Object
Set Object as Home Page
Associate cube with an object
Using Scheduler
General Settings
Cube Rebuild Tasks
Task List
Add a New Cube Rebuild Task
Edit a Cube Rebuild Task
Run a Cube rebuild task Immediately (Run Now)
Activate a Cube Rebuild Task
Deactivate a Cube Rebuild Task
Import Cube Rebuild Tasks from File
Delete Cube Rebuild Tasks
Export Cube Rebuild Tasks
Delivery and Publishing Agent Tasks
Task List
Add a New Publishing Agent Task
Edit a Publishing Agent Task
Run a Publishing Agent task Immediately (Run Now)
Activate a Publishing Agent Task
Deactivate a Publishing Agent Task
Import Publishing Agent Tasks from File
Delete Publishing Agent Tasks
Export Publishing Agent Tasks
Managing Security & Permissions
Security Mechanism
Default Built-In Security
Directory Server Environment
AD Configuration
LDAP Configuration
Access Rights Policy
Role List
Add a New Role
Edit Role
Import Roles from File
Delete Roles
User Groups
Group List
Add a New Group
Edit Group
Import Groups from File
Delete Group
User List
Add a New User
Edit User
Import Users from File
Delete User
User Types
Working with Logs
Audit Log
Application Events Log
Scheduler Events Log
Active sessions
Managing Administrator Profile
Changing user preferences
Taking Backup
Product and Support Information

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