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About this Document
Scope and Organization of Topic Areas
Conventions Used
Introducing ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence
Designing the Data Model
Cube Meta Data
ElegantJ BI Cache Cubes
Cube Generation Process
Extraction from Database
Extraction from CSV or flat files
Cube Update Process
Through Automatic Scheduler
Through Manual Process
Types of Cube Updates—From scratch or incremental
From scratch update
Incremental update
Time Dimensions
Time Dimension Hierarchy
Time dimension based on a calendar year
Time dimension based on a financial year
Custom Cube Columns
Custom Cube Dimension
Custom Cube Measure
Linked Cubes
Supported Data Types
ElegantJ BI Real-Time Cubes
MDX Cubes
SSAS Cubes
SAP BW Cubes
Supported Data Types
Cube & Object Management
Matching Cube Criteria
Assigning Objects to another matching cube
Renaming the Cubes
Renaming the Objects
Deleting the Cube without deleting dependent Objects
Supported Features for Different Cubes
Cube Management Functions
Analytic Functions
Analytic Functions
Slice & Dice
Drill down and Drill up
Drill down
Drill up
Drill Through
Global Variables
Show only Summary data
Simple Sort
Advance Sort
Custom Sort
Group & Ungroup
Data Value / Display Value mapping
Custom Measure (UDDC)
Custom Dimension Value (UDHC)
Functions & Expressions
Data Operations
Summary Operations
Trend Line
Types of trend lines
Linear Trend line
Logarithmic Trend line
Polynomial Trend line
Power Trend line
Exponential Trend line
Moving Average Trend line
What-if Analysis
Filters and Expressions
Time Series (absolute, relative, range comparisons)
Absolute Time Series
Relative Time Series
Relative Time Series filtering using full period
Relative Time Series filtering using period to date
Range Time Series
Advanced Filter
Retrieval Parameters
Global Variables
Simple Rank
Band Rank
KPI elements & conventions
KPI Expressions
Simple Linear Regression
Least Square Regression
Single Exponential Smoothing
Double Exponential Smoothing
Holt’s Exponential Smoothing
Box Jenkins Auto-Regressive Model
Access Rights & Security
Column-based Access Rights (Column Access Permission)
Dimension Value–based Access Rights (Data Access Permissions)
Delivery & Publishing Agent
Product and Support Information

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